Kaspersky Lab's Guide To A Safe Summer Music Festival Season

07 Jul 2010
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With Glastonbury, Download and the Isle Of Wight Festival already hazy memories the UK music festival season is well underway. With hundreds of thousands of people getting ready to pack their wellies and suncream and head off to T in the Park, V Festival, Lattitude, Reading and many more, Kaspersky Lab, has put together a simple guide to help people take the right steps to ensure nothing gets in the way of having a great time.

Kaspersky Lab's top tips for the festival season:

  • If you have not yet booked your tickets yet make sure you buy from a reputable and legitimate source online. Watch out for phishing emails in your inbox offering you the exclusive chance to buy tickets to festivals that you know sold-out months ago.
  • Travel light and take only what you need.
  • Crowded areas (particularly in busy market and bar areas and around the front of the stage) are the ideal location for opportunist pickpockets and organised criminal gangs, so keep your mobile phone and other valuable items secure and close to you at all times.
  • Take the SIM card from your smartphone and put it in an old pay-as-you go handset with the minimum credit you will need to last you through the festival. Therefore, if your phone is misplaced or stolen then the loss will be much less. If you don't have an old handset think about buying a cheap basic mobile phone.
  • If you do want to show off your latest smartphone, take photos and videos then ensure it is well protected with a solution such as Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 (it could be the best £19.99 you spend this summer!).
  • If you are taking your children with you, or this is the first time they are going alone, having GPS installed on their mobile phones can help you to pinpoint exactly where they are if you get lost from them in the crowd, or want to ensure they are where they said they would be.
  • Finally, don't forget to pack an extra battery and a solar charger. Launched earlier this year, Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 enables the owner of the mobile phone to remotely block the handset and wipe the data if it is lost or stolen, by simply sending a predefined SMS to the phone.

If the handset is lost on the festival site, or you want to be able to keep track of your children, whilst giving them the freedom to enjoy the festival, the GPS function with Parental Controls can help. Simply send an SMS with the appropriate password to the missing device and you will receive a link to Google Maps showing the exact location of the handset.

If you are unable to find your phone all is not lost! Simply block the handset and it will display a prearranged message on the screen, allowing any friendly festivalgoer that finds the phone to return it to you at a later date.

Should the handset be stolen the first thing a thief normally does is to remove the SIM card. However, should they attempt to do this Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 will immediately block the device and send the handset owner an email with the new number.

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 is available from £19.99. For more information and to buy please visit: