Kaspersky Lab Participates in FIC, France's Premier International Cybersecurity Forum

23 Mar 2010
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Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces its participation in FIC, the International Forum on Cybercriminality. This international event is being organised by the French National Gerdarmerie and will be held in the 'Grand Palais' in Lille between the 31 March and 01 April 2010.

"Together for a safer digital space!" is the rallying cry of the 4th FIC. The growing success of this event reflects the boom in cybercriminality worldwide. Over the two days of the International Forum on Cybercriminality, representatives from public authorities and private enterprise across the globe will meet to discuss and exchange ideas on what can be done to make cyberspace a safer place, as well as giving their views on how to raise public awareness about the danger that digital crime presents.

During the course of the forum, Kaspersky Lab will be leading and participating in a number of workshops. One such workshop,"The Growth of Nomadism: Is it sufficiently secure", is due to take place on 01 April at 10 30 a.m. Mirco Rohr, Technical Expert for Kaspersky Lab Europe, and Nicolas Brulez, Senior Virus Analyst for Kaspersky Lab France, will join the team of experts at the conference aiming to increase the awareness of users and the media about the hazards of digital pollution.

You can learn more about the International Forum on Cybercriminality and its program at: www.fic2010.fr/en/php/accueil.php4.