Kaspersky Lab hosts European press tour in Munich

14 Oct 2009
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Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces that Eugene Kaspersky and leading experts from the company met with European journalists in Munich to discuss the latest trends in information security.

For two weeks in September the eye of the world was on Munich, the home of Oktoberfest, and one of the largest trade fairs in the world. Over this period, Munich was not only celebrating Oktoberfest, it was also playing host to Kaspersky Lab's information security experts led by Eugene Kaspersky, with Magnus Kalkuhl, Georg Wicherski, and Stefan Tanase. Together the team gave in-depth presentations about Kaspersky Lab's latest technological developments. Business aspects were covered too with Andreas Lamm, Managing Director Europe for Kaspersky Lab, providing insight into the company's development at a European level.

All the information provided by the speakers is now available for download at www.kaspersky.de/oktoberfest2009. This package includes:

Film footage and presentation by Eugene Kaspersky, Founder and CEO of Kaspersky Lab:

  • Facts and figures about the company
  • The history of Kaspersky Lab
  • The latest technologies from Kaspersky Lab
  • Kaspersky Lab's vision for the future

Film footage and presentation by Andreas Lamm, Managing Director, Kaspersky Lab Europe:
  • Update on Kaspersky Lab's European business – "Fight the crisis" – including:
  • Marketing and consumer insights
  • Kaspersky Lab's distribution network
  • Kaspersky Lab's outlook and expected growth within Europe

    Film footage and presentation by Magnus Kalkuhl, Senior Virus Analyst at Kaspersky Lab, and Georg Wicherski, Virus Analyst, Kaspersky Lab - update on the current threat landscape and cybercrime – "If it doesn't kill you, it makes you poorer" – including:

    • Current threat scenarios and cures
    • Background information on user profiles and education

    Film footage and presentation by Stefan Tanase, Senior Regional Researcher, Kaspersky Lab EEMEA – update on the current threat landscape and cybercrime – "When web 2.0 sneezes, everyone gets sick" – including:

    • Social networking threats and their characteristics
    • Current threat scenarios
    • Outlook for mobile malware

    Plus: Oktoberfest photos, press releases, product information, company information, biographies, and textual material.