Eugene Kaspersky addresses evolving cybercrime and business security at Infosecurity Europe 2007

18 Apr 2007
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Staying One Step Ahead of Cybercrime:
At Infosecurity Europe 2007, Eugene Kaspersky Addresses How an ‘Open Space’ Work Environment and the Evolving Threat of Cybercrime is Leading Businesses to Rethink Their Security Strategies

Kaspersky Lab will showcase its newly-released Kaspersky® Open Space Security: trans-perimeter network security that extends protection beyond the workplace to reach remote users and an increasingly mobile workforce

Abingdon, UK - 18 April 2007 – Eugene Kaspersky, head of antivirus research and development and co-founder of information security software vendor, Kaspersky Lab, will highlight at Infosecurity Europe 2007 the inherent security risks facing organisations operating in today’s ‘open space’ business environment. This environment is one where employees are connected, and therefore open to attack, wherever they work, and as they move in and out of the traditional network perimeter.

Kaspersky Lab’s Cybercrime Forum - ‘In Step And One Step Ahead: Securing Your Changing Business Environment From Evolving Threats’ - will take place on Wednesday 25th April 2007 from 2.00pm-4.00pm in the London Room, Olympia. During the forum, Eugene Kaspersky and his team of experts - including Aleks Gostev, Senior Virus Analyst, David Emm, Senior Technology Consultant and Alexey Kalgin, Deputy Product Director - will lead you through the evolution of malware. Together they will: inform attendees of the types of malware and attacks we are seeing today; explore how malware may develop in the future; help attendees understand how it affects business; and, importantly, what they need to do to stay secure and one step ahead of these new threats.

The Cybercrime Forum will explore the several waves of malware development evidenced during the last 20 years, with virus writers making the transition from cyber-vandalism to crimeware – malicious code written for the purpose of making money illegally. Visitors will be able to find out how and why we are at this juncture; how this transition affects organisations; and what technologies are available to secure the heterogeneous nature of today’s computing devices.

The experts panel will comprise:
Eugene Kaspersky, talking about ‘The Cybercrime Arms Race
Aleks Gostev, talking about ‘Brave New Malware: Smart Technologies, Smart Threats
David Emm, talking about ‘Securing Your Identity
Alexey Kalgin, talking about ‘In Step and One Step Ahead

Eugene Kaspersky will also be presenting Work Without Frontiers: Securing Today's Open Space Business at the Business Theatre at 10.40-11.05am on 26 April. The presentation focuses on the recent shift towards the trans-perimeter environment, whereby employees move in and out of the traditional corporate perimeter, meaning an increasing number of mobile devices operate outside the reach of traditional network security. What’s more, as these mobile devices start to carry more and more valuable corporate data, they become a more attractive target for the writers of malicious code. They are vulnerable to targeted and combined threats that demonstrate a greater adeptness at exploiting vulnerabilities and concealing their activities.

In addition, a number of presentations covering the evolution of malware and the cybercrime landscape will be will be held on the hour every hour at the Kaspersky Lab stand F180.

Visitors to the stand will also be able to see Kaspersky Lab’s latest product; Kaspersky® Open Space Security. Today’s secure work environment is no longer limited to the office building. As employees are becoming more mobile, there is an emerging need for security that can be mobile as well. The Kaspersky® Open Space Security offering includes not only protection of the company network perimeter but of all nodes on the network, regardless of location, type of device, or platform. The solution provides a “follow me” security system that follows users across platforms, networks and geographic locations, safeguarding them wherever they work.

Kaspersky® Open Space Security includes a policy for PCs that incorporates special rules for antivirus when they are outside of the office. This ensures solid protection of PCs even when outside of the home network.

Combining antivirus, anti-spam, anti-spyware and protection against phishing and rootkits in one package, the solution combines the use of traditional signature-based antivirus technology with the ability to monitor system processes to look for malicious programs.

The Kaspersky® Open Space Security concept incorporates Kaspersky Lab's technology partner solutions that protect a wide range of networks and businesses: large enterprise unified threat management solutions, all-in-one security/networking appliances for small/home offices, advanced mobile operator and service provider security solutions and more. All of these solutions are pre-integrated with Kaspersky Lab's technology and broaden the scope and availability of solutions powered by Kaspersky Lab's antivirus technology.

At Infosecurity Europe 2007 Kaspersky Lab will showcase appliances produced by the leading security vendors, that include: Juniper Networks, BorderWare Technologies, Tumbleweed, Finjan Software, Clearswift, Dray Tek, Critical Path, SonicWall, Yoggie Security Systems, Global Technology Associates and Netasq.

Infosecurity Europe 2007 is being held on April 24-26 at the Grand Hall, Olympia, London. General information about the event can be found at

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