Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows triumphs in Dennis Technology Labs test

25 Jul 2013
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Kaspersky Lab announces that the Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows corporate security solution was awarded the highest prize in the independent Enterprise Anti-Virus Protection April – June 2013 test conducted by Dennis Technology Labs.

The test sought to find out how effectively products detect and block cyberthreats and to compare the abilities of different security solutions currently on the market. Kaspersky Lab joined four other major corporate security vendors in the test.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows took first place, scoring 388 out of a possible 400 points and claiming a 97% effectiveness rating according to the calculations of Dennis Technology Labs.

The Dennis Technology Labs experts used a set of 100 malicious links in the test. These were all ‘in-the-wild’ threats which can be seen in real-life attacks at the time of testing.

In their summary, Dennis Technology Labs experts wrote: “This test shows that even with a relatively small sample set of 100 threats there is a significant difference in performance between antivirus programs. Most importantly, it illustrates this difference using real threats that attacked real computers at the time of testing.”

Many expert organizations use broader sets of malware samples to conduct tests in comparison with those used by Dennis Technology Labs. This method gives more detail about the size of a product’s ‘knowledge base’. However, the completeness of an antivirus database does not guarantee complete safety. Large malware sets often contain outdated, rarely encountered samples which were added to databases long ago. These tests show that solutions can detect malware, but do not adequately reflect their protection capabilities.

“In our opinion, Dennis Technology Lab’s decision to use a limited but very up-to-date selection of malicious links is a great way to show the true effectiveness of a solution. Other antivirus test labs often give high marks to solutions which might block a million malicious objects without considering that many of these problems are unlikely to be seen in the real world. At the same time, that product might let a dangerous new threat slip through and wreak havoc with corporate IT infrastructure. That’s why Dennis Technology Labs’ methodology stands out from other frequently used approaches to antivirus testing,” said Oleg Ishanov, Director Anti-Malware Research Kaspersky Lab.

Dennis Technology Labs is not the first independent expert organization to shower Kaspersky Endpoint Security with awards. In May, 2013 the solution returned 100% scores in VB100 testing and in January it gained first place in a test conducted by AV-Test.

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