Kaspersky Lab Wins Computer Shopper Five-Star Award

12 Mar 2007
Comparative Tests

Computer Shopper - 5 stars Kaspersky Lab has been awarded a Five-Star award in an antivirus review conducted by the prestigious Computer Shopper magazine. Only three Five-Star awards were given; all three companies awarded the highest accolade use Kaspersky® technology. Computer Shopper tested the effectiveness of all the major antivirus vendors to detect viruses, Trojans and spyware. It ran two sets of tests: the first to see how effective each product is at detecting email viruses; and the second to test for web-based threats. All tests were run in a purpose-built, secure, laboratory on a Windows XP Professional Edition platform with the latest Microsoft updates and default settings enabled. The review highlighted Kaspersky Lab’s accuracy in detecting email viruses and also spyware, particularly when measured against its two main competitors, McAfee and Symantec: “We expected great things of this program, and we weren't disappointed… It found 91 per cent of email viruses and 48 per cent of web-based threats, giving an average detection rate of 73 per cent, head and shoulders above the competition. Norton AntiVirus averaged 55 per cent and McAfee VirusScan 50 per cent.” Usability also scored highly in the test: “Kaspersky Anti-Virus combines a straightforward interface with slick reporting, advanced settings and accurate threat detection… [it] lets you create a bootable CD complete with virus scanner and the latest updates. This is invaluable should you need to attempt to recover a heavily infected PC.” It continues: “In our previous anti-virus tests, Kaspersky Lab’s products, or those with Kaspersky® technology at their heart, stood out as being able to detect all our samples accurately. Previously, these have included home-spun hostile scripts and disguised Trojans. It doesn't cost the earth, either, so we would be more than happy to shell out and install it on our personal systems.” Says Svetlana Ivanova, managing director of Kaspersky Lab UK: “Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus engine sits at the heart of all Kaspersky® technology, as well as being used inside over 120 of the leading security vendors worldwide. Kaspersky Lab has an excellent reputation for the consistent quality and performance of its antivirus technology. Independent reviews that demonstrate the effectiveness of our technology are very important to us and we are delighted with the results we achieved in this test.”

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