Kaspersky Lab Awarded Five Star Commendation From Pc Pro

30 Aug 2007
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Kaspersky® Enterprise Space Security Software Scores Top Marks in Latest Review

Kaspersky Lab, a leading provider of Internet security software solutions that protect against viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, crimeware, rootkits, phishing, hacker attacks and spam, has won a five star recommendation for the Kaspersky® Enterprise Space Security module of its Kaspersky® Open Space Security software suite in a recent review with UK technology publication, PC Pro.

Kaspersky® Open Space Security is a customizable security suite expressly designed to protect enterprise information systems from disruption by existing and potential cyber threats. Combining anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware and protection against phishing and rootkits in one package, the solution combines the use of traditional signature-based anti-virus technology with the ability to monitor system processes to look for malicious programs. The software provides separate policies for mobile devices, which take effect when a device is disconnected from the corporate network. A subset of Kaspersky® Open Space Security, Kaspersky® Enterprise Security which provides protection for workstations, file servers and mail servers, was awarded five stars for each of the PC Pro review categories that included ease of use, features and value for money.

The review recognizes the development in the software’s added protection functions and also highlights the capabilities of the suite’s management console, Kaspersky® Administration Kit. In addition the review acknowledges Kaspersky’s Anti-Spam system as the PC Pro author Ian Parsons explains, “We were impressed by the anti-spam system which not only detects text-based spam using a self-training algorithm, but can also detect spam in images and from the contents of the mail header.”

Parson concludes, “The extra features in the client software avoid the need for separate protection programs, providing savings in processing power, administration and costs, making the whole package even more attractive.”

Svetlana Ivanova, Managing Director with Kaspersky Lab UK comments, “Helping organizations of all sizes safeguard their network environments is a key focus for Kaspersky Lab and we are delighted that Kaspersky® Enterprise Space Security has received such a high commendation from PC Pro.”

The full review of Kaspersky® Enterprise Space Security can be read online at www.pcpro.co.uk/reviews/122268/kaspersky-enterprise-space-security-6.html .

To find our more about Kaspersky® Open Space Security, visit www.kaspersky.com/open_space_security.

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