France Chooses Kaspersky® Anti-Virus

19 Jan 2004
Comparative Tests

Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Personal given highest marks by the French publication Windows News The January edition of Windows News, a French computer publication specialising in IT innovations and their applications, includes the results of comparative tests of the anti-virus products most popular on the French domestic market. The test results placed Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Personal 4.0 firmly in first place. Windows News also tested products such as Panda Antivirus 6.0 Titanium, Panda Antivirus 6.0 Platinum, Norton Antivirus 2004, Sophos Anti-Virus 3.75, AVG Anti-Virus 7.0, BitDefender Standard Edition 7, AntiVirusKit Professional 11, McAfee ViruScan 2004 and F -Secure Anti -Virus 2003. Reviewers were struck by the effectiveness of the Russian developers' solution in detecting malicious codes. Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal recognises danger regardless of the degree of task complexity, or the source of penetration and neutralises viruses which are hidden in email attachments or in database files. Also highlighted was the ergonomic nature of the program. Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal users can choose between a standard interface, which makes it possible to manage the basic functions of the solution, and an expert interface, which offers the user the opportunity to configure the solution in detail. In the opinion of experts, this differentiated mechanism for administration of the anti-virus system ensures that the demands of a wide range of users will be met. The reviewers also particularly mentioned the attractive pricing and the system requirements: the user does not require a high-end system in order to run Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal. In addition to placing Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal first, the editors of Windows News went on to say that 'Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal is an effective and cost-effective anti-virus program, providing reliable, high quality protection. No virus, regardless of type, will be able to slip through the net'.