Polish Award Finds Its Rightful Recipient

18 Apr 2003
Comparative Tests

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Has Been Awarded a Gold Medal at the Poznan International Fair Infosystem 2003 From April 8th through the 11th, the Polish city of Poznan played host to the annual Poznan International Fair Infosystem 2003 exhibition, where information technology global market leaders presented their latest software and hardware solutions. Kaspersky Lab Poland actively took part in the exhibition. At the events conclusion it is customary for a special exhibition committee to be formed consisting of leading professionals from around the world. The panel is charged with analyzing product performance results gathered during the exhibition. Based on a detailed analysis of user and functional characteristics of the products presented by the event's participants the panel nominates those to be considered for high awards such as the most prestigious gold medal. This year the expert panel most highly valued three nominations, among which only one was a software product - Kaspersky Anti-Virus as presented by Kaspersky Lab Poland. Kaspersky Anti-Virus' optimal collection of functional possibilities, its low system resource usage and rapid operation, in addition to its unsurpassed virus detection abilities and effective database updating procedures combine to guarantee users maximum computer virus protection and also are what allowed this unique software solution to leap ahead of its competitors to secure a gold medal award at the Poznan International Fair Infosystem 2003. Kaspersky Lab Poland staff with their Gold Medal