PC PRO Professionals Recommend Kaspersky® Corporate Suite

06 Mar 2003
Comparative Tests

According to the review appearing in the February 2003 issue of the authoritative British publication for IT-professionals, PC Pro (www.pcpro.co.uk), Kaspersky® Corporate Suite, a comprehensive anti-virus system designed to defend corporate networks, earned high marks from the magazine's experts and was granted the award "PC PRO Recommended". Firstly the reviewers noted the product's versatility, combining practically every anti-virus tool needed for the reliable and stable operation of corporative networks, as well as its support of all common business applications and operating systems. The magazine's experts were also impressed by the Network Control Center utility that allows the administration and management of all Kaspersky Corporate Suite components from one location, ensuring the creation of a network defense system that meets each network's specific requirements. PC Pro remarked that Kaspersky Corporate Suite's ease of installation, administration and virus monitoring, access to daily database updates, and its wide array of settings, combine to provide companies with the ability to create their own corporate-wide virus protection system. The editor's concluded by saying, "Kaspersky Corporate Suite is a powerful, effective and complete virus defense solution that is distinguished by its state-of-the-art installation and administration system."