Kaspersky® Anti-Virus On The Victors Stand

25 Dec 2003
Comparative Tests

PC Utilities, a popular UK computer magazine, analysed the development of the anti-virus technology industry and conducted one of the most significant comparative tests of anti-virus technologies in IT history. The magazine's experts thoroughly tested 48 anti-virus solutions. The range of participating tested products was broad: readers were presented with anti-virus solutions well known worldwide as well as solutions familiar to only a few users. According to the criteria set forth by PC Utilities, anti-virus products were tested according to how well each product neutralized an extensive set of malicious programs. In fact, over 58000 of the most destructive viruses were selected from a large virus collection. The selected anti-virus solutions had to deflect the most dangerous viruses in the world. In other words, the test results reflect the core value-add features of anti-virus programs: detection level and productivity of the inbuilt heuristic analysis technology. The results confirmed that Kaspersky® Anti-Virus is a high-end solution heads above most of the competition of key functionality. Thus, the Russian vendor won a position amongst the industry leaders. In addition, both other winners were products which use the Kaspersky anti-virus kernel: F-Secure (Finland) and AntiViren (AVK - Germany). In effect, Kaspersky Lab' position as technology leader in anti-virus protection has been reaffirmed. "Kaspersky Lab product development is based on malicious code evolution, as well as customer requirements. The products cope effectively with existing threats and successfully thwart unknown ones. Once again, the Kaspersky labs product development policy is confirmed by independent sources: our technologies rank among the best worldwide", noted Denis Zenkin, Head of Corporate Communications at Kaspersky Lab.