Kaspersky Anti-Hacker: Reliable and Easy To Use

19 Feb 2003
Comparative Tests

Kaspersky Lab's personal firewall has received high marks from leading European Computer Publications Released at the end of 2002, Kaspersky Anti-Hacker immediately attracted the attention of several computer publications. In their January editions several popular magazines, including SVM, Action Micro (France) and the authoritative German publication c't took the time to review the new product. The editors of these journals all agreed that Kaspersky Lab' new software is easy to use while ensuring reliable protection for home computer users against hacker attack. Action Micro makes special note of Kaspersky Anti-Hacker's convenience and user friendliness, the fact that the program comes replete with all required setting options and most importantly reliably defends against unauthorized access. "Kaspersky Anti-Hacker yields no ground to the most well-known products on the market", writes c't magazine, "it has an intuitive interface and is simple to use". The program offers five predefined levels of defense and additionally offers a unique "self-instructing" feature that automatically tunes Kaspersky Anti-Hacker in accordance with a system's installed software applications.
January 2, 2003
For "vigilance and ease of use", SVM awards Kaspersky Anti-Hacker their highest mark. Pointing out the program's flexibility, SVM's editorial staff mentioned that even beginner users would have no trouble with the simple settings, the convenience of having the option to manually establish operating parameters as well as the program's "self-instruction" feature appealing to advanced users.