Kasperky® Anti-Virus - A Leader On The French Data Security Market

12 Mar 2003
Comparative Tests

A review of the eight most popular anti-virus programs, published in the March edition of the French IT magazine PC Direct, saw Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal turn in the best results in taking first place, outpacing the competition, which included: Antivirus Kit Professional (GData), PC-Cillin (Trend Micro), Panda Antivirus Platinum/Titanium, Norton AntiVirus, McAfee VirusScan and NOD32 (ESET). As noted by PC Direct's analysts, Kaspersky Anti-Virus is not only marked by its high level of virus detection, but also by its effective recovery of infected files. According to the magazine, the high performance of Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal is achieved due to its modular architecture, which allows the automated monitoring and scanning of an all user applications from a single point of control. In conducting the review, the PC Direct's editorial staff paid careful attention to each functional element of Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal, including the modular components: 1. "Mail Checker", which checks all incoming and outgoing correspondence and can not only delete viruses from message bodies but also can fully restore original file contents. 2. The script virus interceptor "Script Checker", which checks all launched scripts before they are executed. 3. The unique, background running virus interceptor called "Monitor" that checks for the presence of viruses in all files the very instant they are opened. Not to be overlooked is the "Report Viewer" module that conveniently maintains a statistical record of all file operations and also provides a full account of all viruses found and deleted. The wide array of functional capabilities, automated tasks that reduce user participation to a minimum, as well as its comprehensive statistical reporting combined to earn Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal deservedly high marks from PC Direct - "This product is a fast and effective anti-virus solution that for a long time has maintained an excellent reputation among computer users in spite of strong competition."