Protect Your NetWare with Kaspersky® Anti-Virus

02 Aug 2002
Comparative Tests

The British magazine Virus Bulletin, in its August edition, published the results of its traditional comparison tests of the most popular anti-virus products for the Novell Netware operating system. During the course of the analysis Kaspersky® Anti-Virus detected all the malicious code variations Virus Bulletin's research team threw at it and was thus presented with another "VB-100%" award. Virus Bulletin made special note of the Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Business Optimal for Novell Netware user interface and its full integration with NWAdmin and ConsoleOne. "The use of a real GUI rather than a Netware-style console interface makes both administration and scans substantially easier to perform." Kaspersky's integration with NWAdmin and ConsoleOne gives users the ability to manage the anti-virus protection of NetWare servers from any network workstation, regardless off specific location or operating system. For more information about Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Business Optimal for Novell Netware please click here.