Kaspersky Lab - One of the 20 Most Popular Russian IT Brands

13 Jun 2002
Comparative Tests

Research results published by one of the leading Internet research firms, WebScan Technologies, and the Russian information portal ASTERA, shows Kaspersky Lab listed in the May edition of the 20 most popular IT-brands on the Russian Internet. The goal of the research project "Rating Russian Internet IT-brand reference frequency" - is to reveal the leaders in the Russian software and hardware markets who are demonstrating the fasted growth and then to compare the results against other IT industries. The ratings are based on how frequently a company is referred to by mass media and the dynamics of this indicator. The results objectively reflect the level of press activity produced by a company and define the position of each company's brand in the market place. Over 200 brands were monitored in the study; included in the list of the top 20 most referenced companies are the likes of Microsoft, Intel, Sony, IBM, and Siemens. WebScan and ASTERA plan to conduct a project monitoring 250 socio-political and IT oriented Web sites that, according to the opinion of their experts and analysts, form the public opinion of a wide audience.