We Know How to Protect Linux

03 Jul 2001
Comparative Tests

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Claims Victory in Tests Conducted by the German magazine "Linux Computing"

Kaspersky Lab, an international data-security software-development company, has received the editorial award in Linux anti-virus testing carried out by the German publication "Linux Computing."

It is no accident that anti-virus defense for Linux is one of the subjects written about in Linux Computing's June issue. The first Linux virus first surfaced "in the wild" this year, demonstrating the real fact that protecting a system operating on Linux is now imperative. In order to fairly determine that preventative measures are the best treatment, Linux Computing conducted its own independent anti-virus test for the Linux server version.

Also participating in the testing were the following anti-virus developers: McAfee, Sophos, Trend Micro, F-Secure H+BEDV, Network Associates along with Kaspersky Lab. The tests were conducted at the well-known anti-virus testing center located at Magdeburg University, (www.av-test.de) operating on the SuSe-Linux 6.3, with 446 typical "in the wild" viruses and 28 Linux viruses being used as testing material.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for the Linux server demonstrated outstanding scanning results, detecting absolutely all the aforementioned viruses utilized during the course of testing, rendering Kaspersky Lab as one of two victorious anti-virus developers receiving Linux Computing's testing award.