Kaspersky® Anti-Virus is a Two-Time Anti-Virus Champ in Spain

02 May 2001
Comparative Tests

In the April issue (No. 129) of PC Actual (www.pc-actual.com), one of the most popular Spanish computer magazines, the results of the publication's latest annual anti-virus product tests have been published. As a result of the tests, Kaspersky Anti-Virus-leaving its competitors in the wake-once again for the second consecutive year has taken the top position according to points awarded during testing.

Product testing was conducted by the experts at the Pan-European testing center Hispasec Systemas (www.hispasec.com) that specializes in the area of computer security problems. Unlike the majority of existing anti-virus tests, PC Actual's test is not limited to the checking of the presented programs' technical features, but also includes the quality of technical support, quick response to the appearance of new viruses, the amount of resources consumed, and affordable price. In the opinion of the magazine's experts, only a combined index of all these parameters is able to provide a general picture of the advantages and disadvantages of varying anti-virus products, thus determining the most appropriate product for the end user.

As a result, Kaspersky Anti-Virus demonstrated the best results from amongst the other products tested, receiving 9 of a possible 10 points awarded during testing.



Kaspersky Anti-Virus


Panda Antivirus Platinum


McAfee VirusScan


Norton AntiVirus


F-Secure Anti-Virus


Norman Virus Control


Trend Micro PC-Cillin


CA InoculateIT


Sophos Anti-Virus


In the summary of the comparative test, the magazine's authors particularly noted Kaspersky Anti-Virus' demonstrated features in the area defending against various malicious programs, Kaspersky Lab's high level of technical support, the best reaction to the appearance of new viruses, and the exclusive heuristic-algorithm search for unknown viruses.

"It is important to note that Kaspersky Anti-Virus has been presented for the second year in a row with the highest award in PC Actual's anti-virus program testing. This clearly demonstrates our products' consistently high results and confirms that our users have made the right anti-virus choice, trusting us to protect their computers," commented Denis Zenkin, Head of Corporate Communications for Kaspersky Lab.