Kaspersky® Anti-Virus is a Three-Time Champion in Poland

22 Nov 2001
Comparative Tests

For the third year in a row, Kaspersky Anti-Virus is victorious in tests conducted by the Polish computer magazine "ENTER."

In its December issue, the respected Polish computer magazine "ENTER" has published the results of comparative tests conducted using the most popular anti-virus products. According to the results, Kaspersky Anti-Virus once again has confirmed its exclusive performance quality, significantly outperforming the competition by taking first place for level of defense against computer viruses.

This is the third straight year that the editors at "ENTER" have crowned Kaspersky Lab as the absolute winner in anti-virus comparative tests, proving that Kaspersky Anti-Virus is second to none.

This year, the editors specifically noted-in addition to Kaspersky Anti-Virus' high malicious-program detection level-the product's perfected user interface that is especially useful for system administrators. The editors also noted the expanded Kaspersky Anti-Virus functions for protecting e-mail with an anti-virus filter integrated into Outlook, an anti-virus scanner supporting the most popular e-mail databases, and a real time background virus interceptor for preventing attempts to launch infected files.

"The excellent results displayed by Kaspersky Anti-Virus during the course of the comparative tests are proof that the product is the most reliable and effective," commented Denis Zenkin, Head of Corporate Communications for Kaspersky Lab. "The most important point of these tests is that they present an independent assessment, objectively reflecting product quality. It would be difficult to imagine a better way for customers to choose an anti-virus."