English Consumers Know What to Buy

25 Dec 2000
Comparative Tests

The independent Consumers' Association (UK) has chosen Kaspersky® Anti-Virus (AVP)

Kaspersky Lab Int., an international data-security software-development company, has been awarded "The Best Buy" by Consumers' Association (UK).

Which? magazine In the November issue of "Which?" magazine, published by Consumers' Association, product tests were presented regarding the leading anti-virus software companies. Together in the competition with Kaspersky Lab were McAfee, Symantec, Norman and several other companies. In the process of choosing "The Best Buy," the editorial board of Consumers' Association considered the following: virus detection level, performance, speed, ease-of-installation and use, and value-for-money.

For all-round protection, Consumers' Association has recommended Kaspersky® Anti-Virus (AVP) Platinum and has presented it with the "The Best Buy" award. In addition to the high rate of virus detection, ease-of-installation and use, comprehensive technical support as well as a unique virus encyclopedia were cited.

Consumers' Association is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1957 to provide customers with reliable information about products based on the organization's own independent research. The fact that Consumers' Association does not receive donations from any commercial, government or other organization guarantees objectivity and independence in the tests.