The Kaspersky 7 Volcanoes Expedition: Second Summit Conquered

01 Mar 2013
Business News

Kaspersky Lab continues to support and inspire Olga Rumyantseva, a Russian mountaineer committed to ascending the highest volcano in each of the world’s seven continents within just one year.

Today, Olga successfully finished her solo climb of the second volcano, Kilimanjaro (preceded by Mount Sidley in Antarctica). It took her just four days to reach the top of the highest peak in Africa (5895 meters) despite unfavorable weather conditions with high humidity and a temperature of about 0º Celsius. Olga reached the summit on February 28, at 8am Moscow time.

Olga has already shared her first impressions of the climb: “I completed this task even faster than I had planned, though it was more challenging than the first volcano. The Kaspersky 7 Volcanoes Expedition schedule is very tight and I don’t have much time to recover in between. But I’m as determined as ever, and with the support, inspiration and values of Kaspersky Lab behind me, I know I can overcome any obstacles.”

Kaspersky Lab is providing Olga with everything she needs for the expedition and also invites her followers to track her progress on Facebook and take part in a contest to win a dream trip for two by checking in at one of the 7 Summits which Olga is set to climb in 2013. Participants simply need to describe their dream trip and explain why it would mean so much to them. Olga will select the winners, who will receive tickets to their dream destination.

With its passion for discovery and its determination to break new ground, Kaspersky Lab has a long-standing tradition of supporting geographic expeditions. Eugene Kaspersky himself is a keen traveler who has explored several remote and uninhabited regions of the world.

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