Kaspersky Lab to protect new Yandex.Store app store

25 Feb 2013
Business News

Kaspersky Lab is pleased to announce a new stage in its cooperation with Yandex, Russia’s biggest Internet company. As part of its ongoing partnership, the leading security software developer will secure the new Yandex.Store app store for Android-based devices.

Yandex has chosen Kaspersky Lab to protect its Yandex.Store app store. The dedicated antivirus engine in Kaspersky Anti-Virus SDK provides comprehensive protection against malware, including viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits, spyware and adware. Before an Android application appears in Yandex.Store, it is scanned by Kaspersky Lab’s integrated antivirus engine. If malicious code is detected in an app, Yandex rejects the posting and notifies the developer accordingly.

“With Kaspersky Lab’s integrated protection users can be sure that an app downloaded from Yandex.Store is safe for their mobile devices,” said Petr Merkulov, Chief Product Officer, Kaspersky Lab. “However, we should remember that virus writers not only attack users via application stores. That’s why every Android smartphone or tablet user should seriously consider dedicated protection that can secure their gadget while browsing the Internet, scan all incoming messages and any downloaded files, and that can even help out if the device is lost or stolen”.

According to Kaspersky Lab data for 2012, the Android operating system has been attracting increasing attention from malware developers. The platform’s popularity and the fact that its source code is publicly available has made Android a popular target for malicious attacks, with 99% of all the mobile malware detected last year targeting Android devices.

To protect users of mobile devices running on Android OS, Kaspersky Lab offers dedicated solutions which will also be available from Yandex.Store – Kaspersky Mobile Security and Kaspersky Tablet Security for smartphones and tablets respectively.

“Protecting our app store is just the latest stage of our collaboration with Kaspersky Lab, a partnership that has been evolving for several years now,” said Alexander Zverev, Head of Yandex.Store. “We’ve already worked together with this key player on the world antivirus market to successfully protect Yandex.Browser, and are currently offering a free version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for six months to users of our search engine.”

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