For 72% of companies, BYOD is the future

11 Oct 2012
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Bring your own device (BYOD) is the big trend affecting how businesses operate online, with 72% of companies expecting to use the concept extensively in the near future, according to a recent survey by B2B International on behalf of Kaspersky Lab.

50% of these companies plan to actively support BYOD, encouraging staff to use their own computers and devices for work. The other half sees BYOD as inevitable, whether encouraged or not.

July 2012’s Global IT Risks survey canvassed 3,300 senior IT professionals in 22 countries, chosen from experts who are actively involved in IT security decision-making processes. The study gathered their views on the major issues facing the industry.

Companies of all sizes took part in the survey. Interestingly, BYOD is banned more frequently by larger organizations. While 12% of companies overall do not intend to allow personal devices into the workplace in the immediate future, that number drops to only 7% for smaller businesses. A further 19% of respondents plan to restrict the level and nature of personal device usage.

Alexander Erofeev, Chief Marketing Officer at Kaspersky Lab, points out that the growth of BYOD makes ever-increasing demands on organizations’ IT security: “It’s inevitable that in any company, small or large, many employees will use personal devices to connect to the corporate network and access confidential data. For employees, it’s natural to use their smartphones and tablets – without even considering the possible dangers. That’s why companies need to implement security policies that safeguard both corporate and personal mobile devices. Our corporate solutions are designed to cover all the security needs of both SMB and big enterprises, even in companies with a strong BYOD culture.”

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