Eugene Kaspersky Awarded Honorary Doctorate from Plymouth University

19 Sep 2012
Business News

In recognition of his significant contribution to the world of IT security, Kaspersky Lab’s founder and CEO, Eugene Kaspersky, today accepted an Honorary Doctorate of Science degree from Plymouth University. The doctorate acknowledges Eugene’s early pioneering work in antivirus software and his dedication to ensuring the protection of hundreds of millions of Internet users.

Kaspersky Lab does not just provide IT security solutions based on its technological expertise, it also focuses on monitoring, analysing and sharing information on the broader cyber threats the world faces, particularly the proliferation of cyber weapons and the prospect of cyber warfare. He also promotes cross-border cooperation among government, law enforcement and international bodies to tackle global cyber crime.

Kaspersky Lab works closely with Plymouth University in supporting student conferences by offering guest lectures and practical lab sessions. Eugene is highly respected among the staff and students at the university and this honorary doctorate will further cement the relationship between the two organisations.

Consistently ranked among the UK’s leading modern higher education establishments, Plymouth University enjoys an international reputation for IT security education and research, and provides related advice and expertise to industry, the government and the general public. With a team of recognised academics the University aims to advance technologies as well as work with the local community and businesses in order to raise awareness of IT security and promote protection.

Steve Furnell, Professor of IT Security at the university, commented: “It’s fantastic that Eugene is able to accept this award. He has made a huge global contribution to the field of IT security and the protection of millions of Internet users. Plymouth University has an international reputation in the field, and enjoys strong collaboration with Kaspersky Lab. Eugene is a very welcome addition to our family of honorary graduates, and an inspiration to both current and future students.”

Commenting on his honorary doctorate, Eugene Kaspersky said: “It is an absolute honor and privilege to receive this acknowledgement from such a prestigious University, and particularly one that is so dedicated to making advances in technology. Kaspersky Lab has built a strong and valuable relationship with Plymouth University and will continue to support its students in their studies to drive the on-going fight against cybercriminals.”

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