Kaspersky Lab Joins the Aid Effort for Japan

11 Apr 2011
Business News

Kaspersky Lab works with a large number of Japanese partners and the company’s representative office, which has operated in Tokyo since 2003, currently employs 48 people. As a result, the company has firsthand knowledge of the hardships following the tsunami and the earthquake in March of this year and Kaspersky Lab employees worldwide would like to express their sincere condolences to the Japanese people. Many companies and organizations are providing aid to the country at this difficult time: money transferred to international relief funds is helping to supply those who have suffered shortages of food and medication and to those who require shelter.

“Our company is cooperating closely with the Russian Emergencies Ministry and the Russian Embassy in Tokyo to help Japan’s disaster-stricken areas,” said Eugene Kaspersky, co-founder and CEO of Kaspersky Lab. “We have participated in the financing for supply of essential goods to the disaster areas. We have also concluded an agreement with Russian manufacturers of dosimeters to purchase 5000 devices – they will be handed over to the Japanese side free of charge as soon as they are ready.

“However, our assistance goes beyond this. We have donated $250,000 to the Japanese Red Cross and have set up a scheme to enable donations by Kaspersky Lab staff members. Kaspersky Lab will increase the amount that is collected through such donations by adding its double amount from the company’s finances. Everything that is raised will be sent to the Red Cross. If the need for more help arises in the future, we will do all we can. I’m sure that Japan will eventually overcome all the disasters it has suffered and the cherry blossom will once again bloom in a country that is as beautiful as it was before the disaster.”

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