Kaspersky Lab named Best Network Security Software in Hi-Tech Weekly's Best of the Best Awards

12 May 2010
Business News

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces that it has won the Best Network Security Software title at the Best of the Best Awards held by Hi-Tech Weekly in Hong Kong.

Product entries for the Best of the Best Awards were nominated by the editors of Hi-Tech Weekly, who took into account each solution's quality, service and market share. Votes were then cast by members of the public and a panel of judges. Kaspersky Lab's products stood out from the competition for their excellence and public appeal.

The Best of the Best Awards has been held annually since 2006 and is hosted by the famous Hong Kong IT magazine, Hi-Tech Weekly. The aim of the awards is to provide recognition and encouragement to prominent IT product and service providers and is one of the most widely acknowledged IT product awards in the industry. In addition to its well established readership of around one hundred and twenty thousand persons, every year, Hi-Tech Weekly's Best of the Best Awards also prompts a huge number of everyday users to vote for their favorite IT products as well.

Gerald Hong, Sales Manager for Kaspersky Lab's Hong Kong distributor Lapcom Limited said, "Thanks to the recognition of our users, a Kaspersky Lab corporate product has won the Best of the Best prize yet again. Kaspersky Lab will continue to develop innovative solutions and will extend our already comprehensive product range to cover different platforms, thereby providing our users with some of the best all-round protection available."