Kaspersky Lab joins the eNsemble™ Multi-Core Alliance to Promote Advanced Anti-Malware Technologies for Multi-Core Processors

04 May 2010
Business News

Kaspersky Lab announces that it has become a member of the eNsemble™ Multi-Core Alliance, a premier industry organisation founded to drive best-in-class innovations on multi-core parallel processing platforms and software development.

Supported by a broad base of world-class hardware and software providers, the eNsemble Multi-Core Alliance serves as the foundation upon which original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can more effectively and more efficiently develop high-performance networking equipment using industry-leading multi-core processors.

“We are truly honoured to become a member of the Multi-Core Alliance and are looking forward to taking advantage of the opportunities it brings,” said Peter Merkulov, Vice-President of the Technology Alliances Business Division at Kaspersky Lab. “The company’s products fully support the multi-threaded processing provided by all modern CPUs, and thus it’s only logical for us to join the Alliance to promote our state-of-the-art anti-malware technologies among the world leaders of the IT industry. NetLogic Microsystems has been our esteemed technology partner since 2007, and we are positive that this step will give a further boost to our cooperation with NetLogic Microsystems and other Alliance members.”

“We are delighted to welcome Kaspersky Lab into our Alliance”, said Behrooz Abdi, executive Vice-President and General Manager at NetLogic Microsystems, a founding member of the eNsemble™ Multi-Core Alliance. “Given the complexity of the Internet today, computers, servers and networks are constantly facing security threats without a reliable anti-malware product, and it is encouraging to have the security expertise of Kaspersky Lab to protect the advanced multi-core systems from the legion of Web-borne threats.”

As a founding member of the eNsemble™ Multi-Core Alliance, NetLogic Microsystems is opening up the programming model for its family of market-leading multi-core, multi-threaded processors to Alliance members to allow greater access and tighter coupling between networking software and the XLR®, XLS® and XLP™ multi-core processors. This enables significant improvements in the application development efficiency of software code and overall system performance. In addition, the open platform enables the development of new enhanced services and applications for next-generation Internet networks that are highly optimised for multi-core, multi-threaded processors.

For more information about the eNsemble™ Multi-Core Alliance, please visit www.eNsembleAlliance.org.