Top Kaspersky Lab manager named Goodwill Ambassador for IMPACT

16 Oct 2009
Business News

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces that Harry Cheung, Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab, APAC, has been appointed a Goodwill Ambassador for IMPACT.

In this role, Harry Cheung will provide his expertise to raise awareness of key cybersecurity issues within the Greater China region. Cheung's appointment to IMPACT marks a significant step for the international alliance as it extends its role within the region to address cybersecurity concerns in the public and private sectors as technology adoption continues to rapidly increase in Greater China.

IMPACT Chairman, Mohd Noor Amin said, “Harry Cheung is a recognizable industry leader in China and in the cybersecurity world, and we specially invited him to become IMPACT’s Goodwill Ambassador for the region. His wealth of experience in the Chinese market will be a great asset to raising awareness and improving visibility of IMPACT’s ongoing efforts in the region. This move also serves as a natural extension of the global partnership we have with Kaspersky Lab in creating a borderless effort on cybersecurity.”

IMPACT is a politically neutral platform that brings together the academia, private and public sectors, to ensure the protection and security of governments’ cyber territories and critical ICT infrastructures. The organization has the expertise, facilities and resources on a global scale to enhance the global community’s capacity to prevent, defend and respond to cyber threats. Hong Kong-based Cheung expressed his enthusiasm for his new appointment as Goodwill Ambassador. “It is a great honor and opportunity to be a part of IMPACT. Cybersecurity will continue to be an increasing area of concern both globally and in the Greater China region. As governments in the region pursue policies to open up new business opportunities, leaders in the ICT community have an important role to play in addressing specific ICT issues and concerns on a regional perspective.

“My appointment as Goodwill Ambassador demonstrates the important position that Greater China has come to occupy within the cybersecurity field in the region and the world - and the ever-increasing importance that it will play in the future as a centre and driver of improvements in response to the vast range and increasing menace of cybersecurity threats we now face.”

A well-respected and highly-regarded expert in the Information Technology world in China, Cheung is responsible for growing the Kaspersky Lab brand to become one of the top antivirus companies in China today. His outstanding achievements for Kaspersky Lab in China saw him named as one of the top 10 Economic Figures of China’s IT Industry in 2007 as well as receiving China’s distinguished Person of the Year award in 2008 as one of the country’s top 10 businessmen.

Kaspersky Lab is an international market leader in the development of secure content management solutions. Eugene Kaspersky, Founder and CEO of Kaspersky Lab said, “We are pleased with Harry’s appointment as IMPACT Goodwill Ambassador for Greater China and together with IMPACT, we continue to work to provide organizations with the highest IT security standards.” Kaspersky Lab is a member of IMPACT’s International Advisory Board.


The International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats (IMPACT) is the first comprehensive global partnership against cyber threats. As an international alliance, IMPACT is strategically positioned as a politically neutral platform, bringing together governments, academia and industry experts to enhance the global community’s capacity to prevent, defend and respond to cyber threats. IMPACT acts as the forum that enables all partner countries to collectively take a global leadership role in the interest of their national cybersecurity. Located in Cyberjaya, Malaysia, IMPACT’s Global HQ has been named as the physical, operational home of ITU’s Global Cybersecurity Agenda (GCA). This landmark collaboration provides ITU’s 191 member states with IMPACT’s expertise, facilities and resources to effectively address the world’s most serious cyber threats. For more information, please refer to