The Kaspersky Lab Commonwealth Antarctic Team Has Reached Halfway Point

17 Dec 2009
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The Kaspersky Lab Commonwealth Antarctic Team has reached the halfway point on its massive trek across the Antarctic ice to the Geographic South Pole. The team has covered 454km in 22 days and their current position is N 86 06.406, E 82 57.066, which means that they are 446 km from the Geographic South Pole.

Commenting live from Antarctica, expedition leader Felicity Aston said: "Everything's going really well and we're making excellent progress. We're all absolutely delighted. We've literally just reached the halfway mark, and it does feel like the miles are catching up with us a little bit. Luckily there have been no sort of serious injuries yet, but we've all got various aches and pains, which I think comes from walking so many miles."

"We are all following the expedition very closely and every new achievement made by the team is great news for us!" said Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab. "Reaching the halfway point is one of the expedition's milestones and the next one will be the Geographic South Pole. Kaspersky Lab will join the team at their final destination and salute the great spirit of teamwork. We will be able to celebrate this outstanding event together."

The Kaspersky Lab Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition sees women from seven Commonwealth countries – Brunei Darussalam, Cyprus, India, Jamaica, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom – ski 900 kilometres to the Geographic South Pole. On reaching their target, the team members from Brunei, Cyprus and Jamaica will be the first people from their respective nations, male or female, to ski to the South Pole. Those from India, New Zealand and Singapore will be the first women from their nations to make this symbolic and prestigious journey.

"Only a great team is capable of performing great deeds," said a representative of the Kaspersky Lab Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition team. "Together with Kaspersky Lab we make an outstanding team and we believe that our expedition will become one of the most eminent historical events ever! From the bottom of our hearts we'd like to thank Kaspersky Lab for being with us at this turning point in our lives and for sharing our spirit of adventure!"

The expedition marks the 60th anniversary of the Commonwealth as well as demonstrating the potential for greater international understanding and exchange, and highlighting the achievements of women across the world.

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About the Kaspersky Lab Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition

Representing 5 continents, 6 faiths and 7 languages, the expedition will mark the 60th anniversary of the Commonwealth which is an association of 53 nations incorporating more than 2 billion people around the globe. The aim of the expedition is to reflect the ethos of the Commonwealth by promoting greater understanding and cooperation between nations and to highlight the achievements of women worldwide. The Kaspersky Lab Commonwealth Expedition started in November 2009 and plans to reach the South Pole by New Year's Day 2010. All those that are interested can follow the expedition in real time at using interactive maps, podcasts, and Twitter messages.