Kaspersky Lab to participate in the Virus Bulletin 2009 conference

16 Sep 2009
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Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces its participation in the annual international IT security conference held by authoritative British IT security magazine Virus Bulletin.

The conference will take place on 23-25 September 2009, in Geneva, Switzerland. A number of the company’s experts will be presenting on important issues concerning the antivirus industry.

The first Kaspersky Lab presentation, entitled “Spam and Legislation”, will be given by Darya Gudkova, Head of Content Analysis & Research, and Andrey Nikishin, Director of Content Filtering Research. The presentation will outline how legislative initiatives can strike at the heart of the spam business.

“Gimme all your money!” is the title of the second presentation involving Kaspersky Lab experts at VB2009. Senior spam analysts Darya Bronnikova and Anna Volodina will be describing the most popular Internet fraud techniques and the reasons they are so widespread in different regions of the world.

In his presentation “When Web 2.0 sneezes, everyone gets sick”, Stefan Tanase, Kaspersky Lab’s Senior Regional Expert, will be speaking about the concepts and technologies behind Web 2.0 applications and explaining why this generation of Internet applications is so attractive to malware authors.

Dmitry Bestuzhev, Senior Regional Researcher for Latin America, will be sharing his views on banking Trojans that target financial data. Very often the authors of these programs are Brazilians and Dmitry will be explaining the reasons for this phenomenon.

In addition to the aforementioned, a presentation will be given by Costin Raiu, Kaspersky Lab’s leading security expert in the EEMEA region. Costin will provide an in-depth look at the malicious programs that infect social networking site Twitter and the techniques used to bypass detection when hacking it. This information has been pulled from a proprietary tool designed by Kaspersky Lab, currently in alpha version. The tool scans Twitter, tracks malware distribution and identifies infected users and malicious profiles.

First held in September 1989, today the Virus Bulletin conference is the world’s foremost gathering of IT security professionals. The main aim of the conference is to bring together antivirus experts and major corporate users from different countries. The conference allows the leading antivirus vendors to exchange their experiences and helps to provide a unified position towards combating cybercrime.

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