Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 sweeps the competition aside in comparative testing carried out by the leading European IT magazine Computer Bild

23 Dec 2009
Business News

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces that Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 outperformed all seven of its rivals in comparative testing carried out by Europe’s leading IT publication, Computer Bild. A full article about the testing, including all the results, is to be featured in Computer Bild's 01/2010 edition.

Of all the products that were tested, only Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 received the magazine's much-coveted accolade of 'Good'. Computer Bild also commented on how impressed they were by the excellent value for money offered by Kaspersky Internet Security 2010. During Computer Bild's benchmark testing, KIS 2010 dealt with 25 million malware samples, 50 thousand spam emails and 150 thousand cyber attacks to emerge as the overall best-performing solution in the trial.

"The reason that KIS 2010 performed so well was the well-balanced quality of the security features that are incorporated into the product. KIS 2010's integral firewall was the only one of the seven solutions tested to reliably prevent any data leakage and demonstrated excellent protection against hacker attacks. The spam filter blocked almost all of the spam emails in the test sample, whilst allowing legitimate email to pass unhindered. No other program managed to do this", stated one of the magazine's experts.

In addition to the stable firewall and outstanding efficiency of the spam filter, Computer Bild's expert testers were hugely impressed by the very high malware detection rate demonstrated by the solution which was borne out by the effective manner in which the program also blocked any malware-infected downloads. The magazine's testers went on to speak very highly of Kaspersky Internet Security 2010's user-friendliness and its advanced features such as SafeRun Mode. "This enables a user to run programs in an isolated, safe virtual environment where they can try out things like program upgrades without the risk of any harm coming to their PC". Computer Bild's testers also remarked on the fact that there was no compromise in the test PC's operating speed in order to achieve such outstanding results.