Kaspersky Lab opens a regional office for Spain and Portugal

12 Jun 2008
Business News

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management systems, announces the expansion of its global presence and the establishment of a regional office for Spain and Portugal. Ovanes Mikhailov, who has managed Kaspersky Lab activities in Spain and Portugal since 2004, has been appointed Head of the regional office. The company’s office is located at Ciudad de la Imagen, Pozuelo de Alcorcón, (Madrid, Spain) Calle Virgilio, 25.

The decision to open a regional office in Spain was made after 10 years of successful work in Spain and Portugal. During this time, the company’s products gained popularity among users and achieved leadership in the region’s IT security market. According to GfK Group, a major European research company, Kaspersky Lab is the second largest vendor of personal IT security products in the Spanish retail market, closely behind the market leader.

Since Kaspersky Lab sells its solutions through distributors only, the company’s success in the region is largely due to its close cooperation with its local partners. Distribution of Kaspersky Lab products in different segments of the Spanish IT security market is provided by four first-tier partners: Codine, Diasa, Magirus and Micronet. In Portugal, the company’s products are distributed by iPortalmais.

The objective of the company’s regional office in Spain is to ensure that Kaspersky Lab distributors receive a level of support that is appropriate to the status of a global IT security market leader. Kaspersky Lab offers its distributors and resellers extensive technical and marketing support, as well as personnel training services.

The new regional office will also guarantee an exceptional level of service and support to Kaspersky Lab’s corporate customers in Spain and Portugal.

"For 10 years, Iberia has been a priority region for Kaspersky Lab’s European business and we are happy with our achievements here," says Ovanes Mikhailov, Head of the regional office for Spain and Portugal. "However, our business has been growing rapidly, requiring expansion of Kaspersky Lab’s presence in the Iberian market. Today, this market offers us enormous opportunities. I am confident that the establishment of the regional office in Spain will become a new landmark in the company’s success story in the Spanish and Portuguese markets."

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