Kaspersky Lab announces the opening of a regional office in Italy

10 Jun 2008
Business News

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces the opening of a regional office in Italy. Alexander Moiseev, previously the Head of Business Development of Kaspersky Lab in Italy, was appointed Head of the regional office. The office is located in Rome at 13 Francesco Benaglia. By the end of the year the staff of the office will increase to up to 15 people.

Kaspersky Lab has been rather successful on the Italian market for more than 10 years. Italy was one of the first foreign markets which Kaspersky Lab entered right after its foundation in 1997. More importantly, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs became the first corporate client abroad.

Today Kaspersky Lab is among the leaders on the Italian IT market. According to GfK Group, the largest market research company in Europe, Kaspersky Lab products are ranked second on the Italian retail IT market and their market share is rapidly growing. Kaspersky Lab products are used by such respectable clients as The Italian Ministry of Education and Telecom Italia Mobile.

The regional office of Kaspersky Lab in Italy has the important tasks of providing Italian partners and users with the most comprehensive support and extending the range of available services. Currently, Kaspersky Lab collaborates with eight distributors and thousands resellers throughout Italy. A direct company presence in the country will make it possible to establish closer cooperation with its partners and improve the quality of technical and marketing support. The company’s short-term plans include development of the Italian-language technical support service.

In addition, Kaspersky Lab's constant presence in Italy will make it possible to provide more effective protection from local IT threats.

“From the very date of its foundation, Kaspersky Lab has considered Italy one of the most important markets,” says Alexander Moiseev, Head of the regional office in Italy. “However the rapid growth of our business requires us to strengthen our presence on the Italian market as it offers us many possibilities. I am sure that the establishment of the regional office in Italy will soon become a new milestone in the history of the company’s success on the Italian market.”

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