Freescale and Kaspersky Lab collaborate to boost network security and performance

31 Jan 2007
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Dual-core Freescale processor based on Power Architecture enables high-speed network anti-malware protection using the Kaspersky® SafeStream database

Collaboration between Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, and Freescale Semiconductor, the communications processor leader, has produced a high-performance network antivirus solution that lowers OEM costs and speeds time to market.

The platform tightly couples Freescale’s MPC8572E PowerQUICC™ III dual-core processor featuring world class hardware-based pattern matching technology with the Kaspersky SafeStream database. It enables the rapid development of high-performance and cost-effective network security devices that feature robust antivirus functionality.

The financial impact of malware is mounting as attacks increasingly shift from exploitation of operating system vulnerabilities to targeted attacks on specific enterprises. According to analyst firm Computer Economics, the cost of these attacks grew from just over $6 billion in 1998 to more than $14 billion in 2005. Meanwhile, malware propagation time has dropped from hours to mere minutes.

Network-based antivirus software is designed to stop malware before it reaches host computers. This approach mitigates the impact of new outbreaks, since updating a relatively few number of network antivirus devices is much faster than updating all the PCs and servers on the enterprise. But addressing antivirus tasks at the software level on an enterprise scale can impede overall system performance. Better performance can be realized by running antivirus software on a hardware-based pattern matching technology, but this approach previously required incorporation of several discreet processors, thereby raising bill of materials.

The Freescale/Kaspersky Lab solution solves these challenges with the MPC8572E processor and its integrated hardware pattern matching block, combined with Kaspersky Lab’s industry-first stream-based anti-malware protection. As a result, the platform offers Gbps line rate performance and a single-processor solution that lowers overall system cost. In addition, Freescale’s pattern matcher can support fast, incremental, live updates to minimize the impact of new outbreaks.

“The Freescale/Kaspersky Lab platform represents the first solution that utilizes Kaspersky SafeStream on a System on Chip (Soc) dual-core CPU featuring fully integrated and highly advanced hardware pattern matching technology,” said Jeff Timbs, marketing director for Freescale’s Digital Systems Division. “This solution represents a significant step forward for securing high-speed networks”.

Freescale's dual core MPC8572E provides the CPU cycles and flexibility to perform a broad range of packet and application protocol processing. Its integrated hardware blocks—Crypto Security, Table Lookup Unit, Deflate Engine and Pattern Matcher—accelerate operations that are highly CPU-intensive with low power dissipation. Furthermore, the processor’s highly optimized internal interconnect architecture ensures high bandwidth, low latency and efficient pipeline operation. The MPC8572E PowerQUICC III processor—with all major processing and I/O elements included—enables a simple, elegant system design, with low system cost and a short design cycle.

Kaspersky SafeStream is a unique solution for protecting the networks, systems and data against dangerous active malware infections. Unlike traditional file based anti-virus solutions, Kaspersky SafeStream makes it possible – first time in the industry – to protect the networks and data at the stream level. Combined with full support for hardware acceleration in addition to conventional software based anti-virus scanning, Kaspersky SafeStream allows true wire-speed malware scanning up to several Gb/s.

“Kaspersky SafeStream allows organizations to protect previously unprotected assets such as high-speed networks and embedded and proprietary platforms, as well as other systems where, due to limitations in architecture, processing power or memory, traditional anti-virus software is not operable,” said Peter Laakkonen, president of Customized Solutions for Kaspersky Lab. “Our collaboration with Freescale makes this technology available as a pre-integrated solution with high performance and cost efficiency.”

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