CP Secure and Kaspersky Partner to Stop Web-Based Spyware and Viruses

30 Aug 2006
Business News

Dual Scan Engines Provide Industry’s Most Comprehensive and Reliable Gateway Anti-Malware Solution

Cupertino, California, and Moscow, Russia – August 30, 2006 – CP Secure, Inc. (http://www.cpsecure.com), a leading innovator of real-time anti-malware solutions, and Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announced today that they have formed a strategic alliance to add the industry-leading Kaspersky® Anti-Virus scan engine to the CP Secure™ Content Security Gateway™ (CSG) real-time anti-malware appliances. The CSG now uses dual scan engines and stream-based scanning technology to provide customers with the most comprehensive and reliable gateway anti-malware scanning solution on the market today.

CP Secure’s CSG appliances now employ dual scan engines from CP Secure and Kaspersky. By adding Kaspersky’s industry-leading scan engine to CP Secure’s ICSA Labs-certified scan engine, the CSG provides organizations with the most comprehensive malware coverage available today. With Kaspersky Anti-Virus integrated, the CSG’s malware coverage has been expanded to include many instances of malware, ranging from viruses to worms and from spyware to adware, that other scan engines do not detect. The CSG’s dual CP Secure-Kaspersky scan engines also utilize heuristic scanning and false alarm detection, ensuring that both known and unknown malware are detected reliably.

“The addition of Kaspersky’s scan engine to the CSG is a big plus because it gives us dual scan engine protection and even more confidence that we are stopping the latest keyloggers, rootkits, and other malware at the gateway,” said Jamie Pastor, Network Administrator for Woods Services. “Equally as important is the fact that there is no performance impact at all - we are getting the best protection without any Internet slowdown.”

Even with the addition of a second scan engine, the CSG’s real-time scanning performance is maintained through CP Secure’s dual scan engine optimization and patent-pending stream-based scanning architecture. The result is that organizations can scan their Web and e-mail traffic in real-time for spyware, viruses, and other malware, without disrupting their end-users’ Internet experience. In particular, the CSG’s combination of dual scan engines and real-time scanning technology provides the most effective security against today’s prevailing threat: spyware and viruses attacking through the Web vector. As IDC has written, “Stream-based, real-time scanning of Web-based traffic supported by a comprehensive signature library provides an effective defense at the gateway against spyware and other Web-based malware threats.”

“We are pleased to be working with best-in-class partners such as CP Secure,” said Vitaly Bezrodnykh, Business Development Director of Kaspersky Lab. “Integration of CP Secure’s CSG appliance with Kaspersky’s industry-leading anti-malware technology provides a proven real-time gateway solution against viruses, spyware, and other malware in both Web and e-mail traffic.”

Kaspersky is internationally renowned for delivering unsurpassed malware protection through technical excellence and highly responsive support. According to extensive third party tests, the Kaspersky Anti-Virus scan engine consistently has the highest detection rates for known and unknown spyware and viruses. It is also the only product to receive malware pattern updates every hour and is supported by a global malware research organization that responds to new threats within two hours, by far the fastest response time of any anti-virus or anti-spyware vendor.

“We selected Kaspersky Lab as a partner because its scan engine is recognized as the best by industry experts and knowledgeable customers,” said David Lu, president and CEO of CP Secure, Inc. “The Kaspersky Anti-Virus scan engine reinforces CP Secure’s real-time gateway anti-malware appliances to provide customers with the most effective solution available today for protecting their confidential data, maintaining organizational continuity, and reducing IT management costs.”

Availability and Pricing
The CSG series with dual CP Secure-Kaspersky scan engines is available immediately. CSG pricing remains unchanged and is on a per appliance basis for an unlimited number of users. No additional charges, such as separate Kaspersky scan engine module or per user licensing, are required. As part of a layered defense, the CSG appliances complement customers’ existing security products, thereby preserving and enhancing their past security investments. Four CSG models are available for networks ranging from under one hundred nodes to several thousand nodes and are priced from $2,395 to $23,995.

About Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab (www.kaspersky.com) develops, produces and distributes secure content management solutions that protect customers from IT threats. Kaspersky Lab's products protect both home users and corporate networks from viruses, spyware, adware, Trojans, worms, hackers and spam. For many years now, the company has waged a battle against malicious programs, and in doing so has gained unique knowledge and skills that have resulted in Kaspersky Lab becoming a technology leader and acknowledged expert in the development of secure content management solutions. Today, Kaspersky Lab's products protect more than 200 million users worldwide and its technology is licensed by leading security vendors globally. To find out more about Kaspersky Lab, visit www.kaspersky.com.

About CP Secure, Inc.

Founded by gateway anti-virus pioneers, CP Secure, Inc. is a leading innovator of real-time anti-malware solutions for enterprise-class organizations. The company’s Content Security Gateway appliances are powered by patent-pending stream-based scanning technology to protect some of the world’s most demanding organizations against spyware, viruses, and other malware. CP Secure operates globally, in North America, Europe, and Asia, and may be found on the Web at http://www.cpsecure.com.