Three New U.S.-Based OEMs Expand Kaspersky Lab Partner Program

14 Mar 2005
Business News

Kaspersky Lab is continuing to expand its OEM program with the addition of three new U.S.-based partners. OmniTI, Stalker Software, and Global Technology Associates, Inc. join a growing roster of security providers, such as Aladdin, Astaro, Borderware, F-Secure, MailFrontier, Novell and Sybari, that are leveraging solutions from Kaspersky's leading anti-virus detection and response lab to bolster their offerings for small and medium sized business customers.

“Stalker's customers expect the very best protection at the server level from email-borne viruses and security breaches,” said Jon Doyle, vice president of business development for Stalker Software. “Partnering and integrating with leading anti-virus products such as Kaspersky Anti-Virus provides our customers with the most aggressive and current virus protection available on the market.” Kaspersky Lab business development director Vitaly Bezrodnykh said, “We continue to see very strong interest from customers and partners alike in our brand of protection and the level of our support. Even with our successes to date, we believe the increased visibility and presence of our recent entrance into the U.S. market will significantly help build our OEM partnerships with other leading security vendors.”

OmniTI Co-founder and Vice President of Engineering George Schlossnagle said, “When searching for an anti-virus solution to pre-package with our Edge appliances, we required real-world performance without compromising our high-speed email delivery capabilities. Kaspersky Lab's anti-virus engine and anti-virus signature updates were not only the fastest solutions we tested, but also the most effective.” Schlossnagle continued, “As our Ecelerity products evolve, we will continue to support the industry's best practices by partnering with leading security vendors like Kaspersky.”

Kaspersky Lab provides OEM partners with award-winning anti-virus and anti-spyware offerings, supporting a wide array of platforms, including Windows, Linux, xBSD, Solaris, Novell, Lotus, Windows CE and Palm OS, as well as anti-spam and firewall solutions. Partners enjoy a variety of benefits and options, including bundling with existing solutions, co-branding and re-branding, and technology licensing, along with the possibility of customizable solutions.

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