Kaspersky to Honour Valid Licences for Time and Tiny Customers

29 Jul 2005
Business News

Kaspersky Lab confirmed today that it will still honour valid licences from Granville Technology's customers, despite being owed money by the troubled computer manufacturer.

Customers of Granville Technology, which includes the brands Tiny and Time, with valid licences will continue to receive anti-virus updates, support and product upgrades consistent with their licence agreement. In addition, when their current licence expires customers will still be able to receive their renewal discount of 30% by visiting the Kaspersky Lab website.

Svetlana Ivanova, Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab UK comments, "We feel very sorry for customers caught up by the consequences of Granville Technology going into administration and want to reassure them that we will continue to support anyone with a valid licence, even though Kaspersky Lab may not have received payment for that licence. Customer service has always been a priority for Kaspersky Lab and it would be a shame for security conscious users who had a year's licence for Kaspersky Anti-Virus included in the price of their PC to be left without protection through no fault of their own."

An original equipment manufacturer licence agreement had been in place since 2003 which enabled Granville Technology to pre-install Kaspersky Anti-Virus and/or Kaspersky Anti-Hacker with a one year licence.

Any customers wanting to contact Kaspersky Lab with regards to their licence can call 0870 0113461 or email info@kasperskylab.co.uk.

The helpline number for all other enquiries related to Granville Technology is 0870 381 7097.