- more information and a new look

02 Nov 2004
Business News

Kaspersky Lab, a vendor of secure content management solutions, presents a new version of, an online virus information resource. The new is designed to provide Internet users with the information they need to surf safely: the site has a new look, structure and many interesting and useful new features.

The new site is divided into three sections according to the most prevalent threats to Internet users today - viruses, hackers and spam. Each section contains analytical articles, basic information and news. A glossary has been added for readers new to Internet security issues.

The Kaspersky Virus Encyclopedia, long one of the main attractions on the Viruslist, has been updated and re-designed. Senior analysts in the Virus Lab have re-classified malicious programs to reflect the current situation in the malware world and to match the Kaspersky Anti-Virus databases. The online Encyclopedia now contains information about all viruses detected by Kaspersky Lab products, either detailed descriptions or short references.

In addition, the Virus Encyclopedia contains information about different classes of malicious programs, what to do if you're infected, the history of computer viruses and other useful information both for newcomers and old hands. Due to the on-going evolution of malware we are witnessing, this area will be updated regularly. contains a new search engine where visitors will be able to enter virus names either from Kaspersky Lab or from other major vendors. This resolves the on-going issues with different antivirus vendors giving different names to the same viruses.

The new also provides readers with a look inside the Kaspersky Virus Lab, with the Analysts's Diary: a weblog maintained by senior virus and threats analysts. Eugene Kaspersky, Costin Raiu and David Emm to name but a few, will be commenting on new malware and trends. Visitors are welcome to comment and questions will be answered by the analysts.

Finally, numerous RSS feeds catering to all tastes allow readers and web site owners to download new information from areas that interest them in real-time: news, new virus descriptions, virus alerts, the Analyst's Diary and so on.