is PC Magazine's Site of the Week

29 Apr 2004
Business News has been named Site of the Week by the online version of PC Magazine, a major computer publication. The site, reviewed on 16th April 2004, includes the popular on-line version of Kaspersky Lab' Virus Encyclopaedia.

The reviewer was particularly impressed by the Virus Encyclopaedia, the largest source of information on malicious programs to be found on the Internet, describing it as 'thorough and informative'. The structure was also noted; the Encyclopaedia encompasses all types of electronic threat and computer virus, including DOS file viruses, the most recent Internet worms, and viruses for PDAs and handhelds.

The review also noted the virus-related news items and other information provided on the site. As well as alerts relating to the most dangerous current malicious programs, users can also browse the monthly Virus Top Twenty, and the latest news on viruses, vulnerabilities, and other related security topics. As the reviewer concluded, 'knowledge is an important key to prevention, and is an excellent source'.