Three key corporate information security elements from Kaspersky Lab

02 Nov 2004
Business News

Kaspersky Lab has released the latest versions of the Windows components for Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Business Optimal and Kaspersky® Corporate Suite. The packages are designed to protect small and medium business networks, and corporate networks respectively. This latest product offering includes Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.0 for Windows Workstations, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.0 for Windows File Servers and Kaspersky Administration Kit 5.0, a centralized administration and management tool.

The new versions of the Windows components incorporate cutting edge technologies, which offer users the very latest antivirus and administration tool, while retaining the exceptional detection rates which make Kaspersky Lab a market leader. Application performance is significantly improved, while the amount of resources required by the programs to run has been reduced.

Specifically, the latest generation of KeepUp2Date technology enables the programs to identify the least busy Kaspersky Lab update servers to expedite the download speed of updates. Product functionality ensures that Kaspersky Anti-Virus is properly installed even if other manufacturers' antivirus programs are installed on the system. Kaspersky Administration Kit simplifies installation, updating, management and monitoring of antivirus solutions throughout the corporate network, ensuring comprehensive protection while minimizing the demand on system resources.

The antivirus components are even more effective at guarding against viruses than preceding versions. Both workstations and file servers are effectively protected against malicious programs, including those found in the most common archive formats, such as ZIP, ARJ, CAB and RAR. Kaspersky Lab products not only protect against malicious programs in the form of viruses, but also against riskware. Such programs, although not formally classed as viruses, can be used to remotely track and manage infected machines. Riskware signatures have been incorporated into the standard antivirus database updates, ensuring all round protection.

The new solutions offer improved performance in addition to improved protection. The combined application of iCheckerTM and iStreamsTM technologies triple program performance while halving the amount of RAM required in comparison with previous versions.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.0 for Windows Workstations also has a brand new interface; this simple, user friendly presentation simplifies antivirus configuration by offering three pre-defined protection levels - a choice of 'maximum protection', 'recommended protection' or 'maximum speed'. The interface ensures that less experienced users have easy access to all the requisite functions. Kaspersky Administration Kit 5.0, the administrator's desktop, is fully integrated with the Microsoft Management Console, a standard utility.

Kaspersky Administration Kit 5.0 also incorporates new functionalities and a range of upgrades, designed to meet the needs of contemporary corporate networks. The centralized management tool makes it possible to administer antivirus protection for 10000 machines, and the system takes no longer than 3 seconds to respond to a request.

Administrators can now define groups of networked computers with centralized antivirus protection parameters. Creating and launching group tasks, as well as tracking task execution ensures comprehensive protection. In addition to this, the logging and journal functions have been upgraded, allowing administrators to access information about network protection status, and the performance of the antivirus solution on individual workstations.