New technology partnership with Right Vision

26 Jun 2004
Business News

Kaspersky Anti-Virus integrated into server/ Internet applicance Eye Box ONE NG Series

Kaspersky Lab, a leading information security software developer, announces the signing of a technology partnership agreement with the French company Right Vision. The company is a European leader in the manafacturing of server/ Internet appliances. A special OEM version of Kaspersky Lab antivirus scanning technology has been integrated into Eye Box ONE NG Series, Right Vision's new server/ Internet applicance software package.

Eye Box ONE NG Series is a new generation of server/ Internet appliances, designed for use with corporate databases and the Internet. The wide-ranging functionality of the product helps integrate the corporate network with the Internet. The solution is optimised for use in small and medium business netowrks, and also for companies with several locations. The configuration and simplicity of installation and use ensure that Eye Box ONE NG Series can be used out of the box, integrating smoothly into the client's existing IT infrastructure. One Eye Box server can support up to 500 users, and ensure effective management of all Internet services.

Integrated Kaspersky Lab antivirus technology provides Eye Box users with reliable protection against malicious programs when connecting to the Internet and company intranet. The antivirus software monitors all possible infection vectors, including email, which is the main source of virus epidemics. As Kaspersky Anti-Virus reliably scans all data transmitted by email, including archived and packed files, Eye Box users are offered genuine protection against infection.

Antivirus protection in Eye Box is based on Kaspersky Anti-Virus licensed technology. This technology is used by Kaspersky Lab in its own solutions to protect users from viruses penetrating the local network via the Internet. A major plus point of this technology is simplicity of integration and flexibility of configuration. This expedited the integration of Kaspersky Lab technology into Eye Box solutions in less than 2 months - a remarkably short time. One of the main factors which led to this success was the high quality support provided by Kaspersky Lab personnel.

Another advantage of the Kaspersky Anti-Virus engine is the updates system, which updates the antivirus databases every three hours, right round the clock. Up-to-date databases ensure effective scanning, and reliable protection against even the very newest viruses.

The development of server/ Internet appliances is a booming business. Server/ Internet appliances are coming to play a greater and greater role in the IT infrastructure of any business, offering the employees and clients of the company access to data via the intranet and Internet. The integration of Kaspersky Lab' powerful, high-performance antivirus technology into Eye Box ONE NG Series ensures the security of such connections. We believe that stable information flow is crucial, as it has a direct influence on the business processes of our clients' remarked Vincent Deniz, Business Development Director with Right Vision.

'Implementing technology partnerships with leading IT companies is one of the main aims of Kaspersky Lab. We are happy that technology developed by Kaspersky Lab will now be protecting users of Eye Box. I am certain that this will enable Right Vision to ensure the security of their client's corporate information' commented Vitaly Bezrodnykh, Kaspersky Lab Business Development Director.

The new generation of server/ Internet applicances Eye Box ONE NG Series with integrated antivirus technology from Kaspersky Lab can be obtained from Softway, Risc Technology, and Iscambe - all Right Vision dealers. The cost of the antivirus module, including technical support, varies depending on the number of users. For example, protection for a network of 150 objects will cost from 900 euros upwards, whereas protection for 300 users will cost upwards of 1620 euros for one year.