Kaspersky's Products Endorsed to Protect Children on the Net

23 Jan 2004
Business News

Kaspersky Lab UK announced today that the Internet Awareness and Advisory Foundation (IAAF) (www.iaa-foundation.org.uk), one of the UK's most influential emerging child safety bodies, has endorsed Kaspersky Lab products and is recommending them to schools and parents to protect children against malicious code, hacker attacks and viewing potentially inappropriate spam. The IAAF is dedicated to providing a safer environment for children using the Internet and other forms of electronic messaging. Its work includes lobbying government and telecommunications companies to change regulations and introduce child safety policies, in addition to educating schools and parents on the dangers children face from the electronic age and how to overcome them. 'Left unregulated the Internet can be a very dangerous place for children. We believe that all children should expect the right to be protected from abuse, be it in the form of inappropriate content, paedophiles or Trojans that download personal information,' comments Dr Paul Adams-Meconi, CEO of the IAAF. 'The Internet can be a fabulous source of information and education, but we need to ensure that each experience is a positive one for children to ensure they benefit from all it has to offer.' Kaspersky Lab' products including Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Anti-Hacker and Kaspersky Anti-Spam, were chosen by the IAAF for their ease of use and superior technology and will be sold though Tick Tock Technologies, which donates its profits to the IAAF. In addition to supplying its products, Kaspersky Lab is also providing the IAAF with help and advice on educating schools, parents and children on the dangers that malware can pose. Sveta Ivanova, Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab UK says, 'Protecting Internet users and their computers has been a paramount concern for us for many years. So we are very pleased that our products have been recommended by the IAAF to protect those most vulnerable on the net - children.'