Kaspersky Lab protects entertainment site users

18 Nov 2004
Business News

Kaspersky Lab, a vendor of secure content management solutions, and Fight Club (Boitsovskii Klub) the largest entertainment and gaming portal in Russia, will be working together to combat cyber-threats.

The popularity of the entertainment portal has led to an increasing number of new viruses and Trojan programs designed to steal passwords and other information. The stolen information is then sold by international groups whose members are mainly based in the former Soviet Union.

"Today, Trojans and viruses designed to steal personal data from users are big business. Internet fraud is on the rise and professional virus writers are focused on writing malware to earn money instead of simply causing inconvenience," commented Eugene Kaspersky, Head of Anti-Virus research at Kaspersky Lab.

The initiative is beneficial for both parties. Fight Club players are protected against new viruses, Trojans and malicious scripts, and Kaspersky Lab receives timely information about new threats which can be used to quickly develop antivirus database updates.

Fight Club administrators are constantly striving to improve portal security and players are recommended to use the latest version of Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Personal. Moreover, players have been pleased to discover that overall system performance has improved after installing the Kaspersky product. And the joint security initiative has enabled Kaspersky Lab to add definitions for a range of gaming related threats to antivirus databases, benefiting all users of the company's products.