Kaspersky Lab and Rockliffe Partner to Deliver Automated Protection from Email Viruses

01 Nov 2004
Business News

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, and Rockliffe®, Inc., a developer of quality email server, anti-spam and secure email software for business and service providers, announced today that all MailSite® Email Server and MailSite® MP Email Gateway Software will be pre-integrated with Kaspersky Lab's award-winning antivirus engine. The integrated package provides automated, high-performance antivirus protection for MailSite Email Servers and enables MailSite MP Email Gateways to deliver automatic gateway antivirus protection for Microsoft Exchange or any SMTP email server.

"Rockliffe® is proud to announce the partnership with Kaspersky Lab," said John Davies, President and CEO of Rockliffe. "Rockliffe is 100% focused on delivering quality, performance, and best value to our MailSite® customers, and Kaspersky Lab's technology complements that goal. Kaspersky Lab's high quality antivirus engine is a great addition to the MailSite email security suite which already includes anti-spam, content filtering, policy enforcement, secure email, and protection against phishing, denial-of-service attacks and directory-harvest attacks."

"We are very pleased to be integrated with Rockliffe's MailSite software," said Kaspersky Lab's Business Development Director Vitaly Bezrodnykh. "Over the last five years, the number of malicious programs which Kaspersky® Anti-Virus software detects has increased almost 80 times. This is because up to several hundred new viruses appear every week. More importantly, many viruses spread lightning fast penetrating the whole addressable audience on the Internet as fast as in a few hours. Therefore it has become of utmost importance that email users can have their virus protection updated on timely basis. By announcing hourly updates to its antivirus databases, first in the industry, Kaspersky Lab has significantly raised email users' protective shield from the industry's typical once a day update frequency."

Alongside scheduled hourly updates, Kaspersky Lab also releases additional urgent updates for antivirus databases. These updates are a rapid response to virus epidemics, providing protection within minutes of threatening virus activity being detected.

The advanced virus protection provided by Kaspersky Anti-Virus delivers real-time analysis of messages for all known viruses. The virus scanner can detect viruses inside zipped attachments, even password-protected zip. If an infected message is detected then MailSite® will reject the message, thereby ensuring that the virus does not enter the email gateway.

MailSite dynamically updates the virus engine, the virus definitions, the spam engine, and the spam rule-set without any interruption in service or administrator intervention. This unique, must-have capability is provided out-of-the-box and automatically starts to execute in the background as soon as the customer starts to use the product. Prices for MailSite® Anti-Virus start at US$595 for 50 mailboxes.