Kaspersky Anti-Virus integrated into Austrian firewalls from eSys

20 Jul 2004
Business News

Kaspersky Lab, a leading information security software developer, has signed an agreement with the Austrian company eSys (www.eSys.at). A special OEM-version of Kaspersky® Anti-Virus for Linux will be integrated into the Gibraltar line of firewalls. eSys will now offer a comprehensive solution which includes antivirus security, surf protection, VPN support and intrusion detection.

Gibraltar firewalls are high-performance appliances, designed to protect protecting medium and large enterprise networks. Gibraltar provides industry standard protection for all Internet connections whether on site, via VPNs or for mobile users. A centralised management system, on-line support from eSys and an ergonomic interface ensure administrative ease of use. Kaspersky Anti-Virus has significantly extended the functionality of the Gibraltar firewall product line.

"The two main criteria in contemporary information management are optimal integration and security," commented Thomas Mayrhofer, President of eSys, when asked about the project. "We developed Gibraltar on the basis of an integrated approach to network security. The integration of Kaspersky Anti-Virus, a highly effective component, means that our customers are now even better protected against malicious programs."

"Kaspersky Lab' strategy for improving market position on local markets includes a dynamic program of technology licensing for local developers and vendors", commented Vitaly Bezrodnykh, Business Development Director at Kaspersky Lab. "The integration of Kaspersky Anti-Virus into eSys appliances will foster further technology sales in Europe and the United States".