Viruses - What does the future hold?

25 Mar 2003
Business News

Kaspersky Lab hosts unique forum with experts from around the world Culham Innovation Centre, UK (25th March 2003) "Viruses - What does the future hold?", is a unique event that will bring together leading computer virus experts, from authoritative organisations from around the world, for a lively discussion with the audience on the future of viruses, trojans and worms. This forum will cut through the hype and provide the audience with a clearer understanding of what the future of malware really holds in store. The event, which is hosted by Kaspersky Lab and chaired by SC Magazine, will be held on 9th April 2003 at the Royal College of Physicians in Central London starting at 7pm. Already several key computer virus experts have agreed to join Eugene Kaspersky on the panel including Dr Igor Muttik - Network Associates, Dave Phillips - The Open University and Costin Raiu - Kaspersky Lab. Additional panellists will be announced shortly. Entry into the event is FREE, but spaces are limited so registration is required, please email for further information. Journalists wishing to register for the event please contact Sara Claridge, Marylebone Media Relations, Tel 01344 876558 or email Media Contacts Sarah Buttery
Kaspersky Lab
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