Macedonian Ministry of Finance Chooses Kaspersky Lab Anti-Virus Solutions

07 Mar 2003
Business News

After a careful comparison analysis of various anti-virus systems, the Macedonian Ministry of Finance decided to protect their IT-infrastructure with Kaspersky® Anti-Virus. Kaspersky Lab software will be installed on all workstations, Linux and Windows servers and e-mail systems. "The extensive and thorough market analysis of anti-virus products proved that Kaspersky Lab solutions correspond best to the specific requirements of our IT-infrastructure. We are happy with not only the performance of the products but as well with the local support provided in the Macedonian Republic. We were fully satisfied with the pricing as well as the effectiveness of anti-virus protection", said Miroslav Jovanovic, IT-department manager at Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Macedonia. One of the major solution requirements demanded by the Ministry was the ability to update system databases daily. In order to ensure a maximum level of protection against new viruses, the update of Kaspersky Anti-Virus databases is done twice each day. When large-scale outbreaks occur Kaspersky Lab customers immediately receive a special update protecting against the specific threat. The deputy head of the IT department, Mr. Dean Nastovski explained, "Daily updates are easy to configure to meet the specific requirements of our IT-infrastructure. When updating we download only the most recent database modules, therefore the size of the database updates remains small. As our IT infrastructure is heterogeneous our needs for its protection are extensive and varied. We are currently evaluating a few other Kaspersky Lab products and are confident that they will also prove to be of the same high quality as those we currently use". The Ministry of Finance is the most IT oriented Macedonian government institution. The compliance of its computer equipment to the high IT standards of the European Union could be considered one of the prerequisites for the full inclusion of the country into the European Union.