Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Presses Forward In Germany

10 Sep 2003
Business News

In October of this year, Kaspersky Anti-Virus for home users will be available on store shelves in Germany. Kaspersky Lab, a leading expert in information security, has reached an agreement with KOCH Media, a top software distributor operating on the German retail market. The deal establishes KOCH Media as a distributor of Kaspersky Lab boxed products in Germany. The first boxes of the recently released Kaspersky® Anti-Virus for German home users are due to appear on shop shelves in Germany at the beginning of October of this year. KOCH Media is one of the largest international distributors of e-business software solutions designed for both home users and experts alike. "We are pleased to combine forces with a German market retail distribution leader. We have no doubt that working with KOCH Media gives end users greater exposure to Kaspersky Lab home products, and significantly strengthens the position of our anti-virus solutions in the German market. Additionally, the deal will help us to raise the popularity and recognition of our brand among German computer users", said Daniel Kaptsan, Head of International Retail Sales at Kaspersky Lab. "Until today, the high end products produced by Kaspersky Lab have not received the attention they deserve in the German market," commented Klemens Kundratitz, the Commercial Director of KOCH Media. "KOCH Media is an experienced distributor with significant prospects. We plan to provide Kaspersky Lab with the publicity they deserve and expand their market share". About Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Lab is a leading expert in information security offering advanced products against viruses, hackers and spam for a wide spectrum of customers, from home users to enterprise-wide networks. For 14 years experts at Kaspersky Lab have been monitoring the worldwide virus situation, acquiring the unique experience and technologies that have led to Kaspersky Lab becoming a technology leader in security solutions. About KOCH Media KOCH Media is a leading German software distributor, as well as developing and manufacturing both software and games of their own. KOCH Media has representative offices in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and England. KOCH Media partners include Digital Publishing, Davilex, Empire, JoWooD, Pinnacle Systems and many others.