Kaspersky® Anti-Spam Protects 10 Million Mail.ru Accounts

22 Aug 2003
Business News

Kaspersky Lab, a leading expert in information security, announces the integration of Kaspersky® Anti-Spam into Mail.ru, the largest Eastern European national public e-mail service. Thanks to the most advanced technologies for filtering unsolicited correspondence, more than 10 million Mail.ru e-mail accounts will now be effectively protected against spam. Nowadays, Mail.ru is the largest free e-mail service in Eastern Europe offering the industry's most advanced features for handling private e-mail messaging. Its monthly audience reaches 6.5 million users: the service maintains over 10 million mailboxes with 14 thousand new subscribers joining every day. As a result, Mail.ru processes up to 300 gigabytes of correspondence daily. In fact, over 80% of all Russian Internet users subscribe to Mail.ru. "Since Mail.ru is the largest free e-mail provider in Eastern Europe we set industry standards. Protecting our users from external threats is one of our main responsibilities," said Tatiana Zhelonkina, vice-president of Mail.ru, "therefore, installing Kaspersky® Anti-Spam resolves a core issue: protecting our users from the widespread increase in spam that we see all the time." Kaspersky Lab analysts have determined that today spam makes up 20% of the global Internet traffic. According to Mail.ru, there are days when up to 70% of incoming e-mail consists of unsolicited correspondence. In 2002 spam accounted for 15 billion dollars (US) worth of expenses worldwide. At this rate, in 2005 every second e-mail we receive will be spam. Thus, anti-spam software is crucial for the continuing development of the Internet. Kaspersky® Anti-Spam is a highly effective defense against unsolicited e-mail for businesses of all sizes. The market is flooded with various anti-spam software, but only Kaspersky Lab offers a unique solution: Kaspersky® Anti-Spam is successful due to the built-in multi-lingual, multi-tiered analysis of correspondence. The ensuing array of anti-spam technologies allows for the identification of up to 95% of undesirable traffic. One of the most attractive features of Kaspersky® Anti-Spam is the unparalleled technical support the solution includes. The Linguistic Laboratory works round-the-clock to update anti-spam databases, as well as the spam detection kernel. This guarantees protection from the newest spammer tricks. Even if unsolicited correspondence should breach this defense, the user can resend the e-mail directly to the Linguistic Laboratory for immediate analysis. 'The war against spam in Mail.ru is a countrywide battle. Success depends on the concentrated efforts of programmers and linguists, as well as exceptional technologies and modern hardware,' said Igor Ashmanov, General Director of Ashmanov and Partners, 'New spammer techniques and gimmicks appear daily, but we are also working hard. In fact, we often produce new anti-spam technologies in advance of spammers.' Kaspersky Lab, Mail.ru and Ashmanov & Partners spent three months field testing Kaspersky® Anti-Spam on Mail.ru. During this period the solution confirmed its high performance and fault-tolerance even during peak traffic, which unconditionally demonstrated the high-quality of the product. "A spam-free environment is a major goal for Mail.ru and Kaspersky® Anti-Spam provides a firm foundation for achieving this goal. We chose Kaspersky Lab for spam protection after testing a series of similar products," said Tatiana Zhelonkova, Mail.ru Vice-President, "The test results proved that this solution guaranteed maximum efficiency in addition to the best protection against spam." "Spam is a serious problem today, because spammers can literally flood the Internet causing it to slow significantly or even fragment. This would lead to major repercussions worldwide since the Internet is now the major channel for both business and personal communication," commented Natalya Kaspersky, Kaspersky Lab CEO, "We welcome the decision of Mail.ru to install Kaspersky® Anti-Spam and believe that this decision confirms the genuine commitment of Mail.ru to a spam-free world." About Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Lab is a leading expert in information security offering advanced products against viruses, hackers and spam for a wide spectrum of customers, from home users to enterprise-wide networks. For 14 straight years the company has waged a battle against computer viruses, and in doing so has gained unique knowledge and skills that have led to Kaspersky Lab becoming a technology leader in the development of security solutions. About Mail.ru Mail.ru, the largest Internet holding company in Russia, is a market leader, which services over 80% of RUNet users. The company is devoted purely to Internet activities and has become the leading portal in the Russian Internet sector: Mail.ru, the most popular Russian e-auction Molotok.ru, the e-store Torg.ru and other well-known sites. Thus the company owns many service and informational sites, reaching a significant portion of Russian users. About Ashmanov and Partners Ashamanov and Partners develop high-end technologies for automatic text control and analysis. The company is composed of over 20 experts in areas such as artificial intelligence, search engines and auto-text analysis. Team members have participated in projects such as ORPHO (a spell check included in Microsoft Office), Rambler, the dictionary Multi-Lex, search engine Pathfinder, the Russian People Finder and so forth. Currently Ashmanov and Partners are working in several areas: SpamTest, a spam filter; developing a corporate Internet access filter, a confidential information filter, as well as search engines for various sites.