Kaspersky Lab Partners With Vanquish to Offer Bundled Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Software Platforms

13 Nov 2003
Business News

Kaspersky Lab (www.kaspersky.com), a leading information security software developer today announced a distribution agreement with Vanquish, Inc., to bundle the Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Lite product alongside Vanquish Pro anti-spam software to form the Vanquish Personal Protection Suite. The new product will be available through both Internet and Webmail service providers, as well as a direct consumer download from www.vanquish.com. "Spam and viruses plague e-mail users like fire and brimstone," said Phil Raymond, CEO of Vanquish. "We feel that the Kaspersky Lab' anti-virus product is an ideal partner for Vanquish. As the brainchild of a team of the world's most authoritative anti-virus experts, the company's technologies are consistently among the first to discover viruses in the wild, while their developers are zealots in their pursuit of detection and perfection." Kaspersky Anti-Virus Lite is a universal form of protection for PC's, providing a user-friendly product with effective and consistent protection against malware, whilst not affecting the machines' productivity. This particular product is geared specifically for home users and is best suited for users who require a set of basic easy-to-use anti-virus tools. Vanquish Pro provides an economic deterrent to spam, and empowers the recipient to instantly penalize senders of unwanted e-mail, through the embedded penalty button. This unique approach to stopping spam allows unfettered communication between those you have sent to in the past, those you have requested data from, Web sites you have requested info from, someone replying to your subject matter, or someone you specifically add as an allowed sender. If the Vanquish-protected user feels that a message is spam, they simply click the penalty button and the sender's account is debited a set amount (approx. five cents). The penalty money is distributed to the recipient's ISP to help defray the costs of carrying the spam on their network. "Steady development of our extensive partner network is a key component of our marketing strategy," noted Vitaly Bezrodnykh, commercial director at Kaspersky Lab. "Close cooperation with software developers and distributors who are in strong positions in local markets, like Vanquish, guarantees users worldwide better protection against computer threats, as well as assuring a growing client base for Kaspersky Lab. Providing users with complete information security lies at the heart of all Kaspersky Lab solutions, thus our new agreement with Vanquish is another step towards achieving our objectives."
About Vanquish
Vanquish controls spam by empowering recipients to penalize e-mail from strangers. Senders include a penalty button within their message, or use a mail service that supports non-subscriber bonding. Senders can remain anonymous, but they risk losing real money if the recipient feels that the message is irrelevant or irritating. Empowering recipients corrects an economic injustice, while avoiding the delays, maintenance, and central failure point associated with filters. About Kaspersky Lab
Kaspersky Lab is an international software-development company offering advanced products against viruses, hackers and spam for a wide spectrum of customers, from home users to enterprise-wide networks. For 14 years the company has waged a battle against computer viruses, and in doing so has gained unique knowledge and skills that have led to Kaspersky Lab becoming a technology leader and acknowledged expert in the development of external threats defenses.