Kaspersky Lab Opens A Representative Office in Tokyo

16 Sep 2003
Business News

Kaspersky Lab, a leading information security expert is pleased to announce the further expansion of its international presence with the opening of a new local office in Tokyo, Japan. The Japanese information security market is the second largest in the world, valued at 500 million USD. However, despite this impressive size there is more room for high-end products providing integrated solutions that protect users from malicious programs. Today, foreign companies supply the products dominating the Japanese market, but these products do not achieve the same high quality of defence that Kaspersky Lab products provide. "We have a lot of experience competing with these developers in the European market and we are sure that our success will extend to Japan. We possess all that is necessary: expertise, technology, experience, a dedicated team and the determination to succeed," said Natalya Kaspersky, Kaspersky Lab CEO. "Our mission is to provide Japanese enterprises and organizations with the best information security solutions available. A preliminary analysis of the Japanese market revealed a healthy niche for quality information security solutions that directly confront the ever increasing IT threats. Kaspersky Lab dedicates significant resources toward providing information and educational materials that we are confident will be in high demand in Japan as well." The new Kaspersky Lab subsidiary is a joint venture with the Japanese firm iMEX Co., Ltd., a Japanese system developer specializing in integrated information security solutions. Kaspersky Lab and iMEX Co., Ltd. have been successful partners for a long time and are pleased that their long-term relationship has now grown into this joint venture. Primary goals for Kaspersky Lab Japan include brand expansion, the development of a partner network, the organization of an effective sales force, the creation of a technical support system, the provision of timely information covering new threats, as well as the publishing of analytical materials obtained from Kaspersky Lab Web sites. The new company will focus on the small and medium-sized business market, as well as actively pursuing technology sales where Kaspersky Lab technologies are incorporated into the solutions developed by third parties. This 'mixed focus' business model is designed to achieve optimal business results during the market entry stage, as well as generating maximum brand recognition. The complete Kaspersky Lab product line will be available in Japan. All of the products have successfully entered the European and US markets. The product portfolio includes: Kaspersky® Anti-virus - an anti-virus defence developed for a broad range of users, from home users to large enterprises; Kaspersky® Anti-Hacker - a firewall designed to thwart hacker attacks; Kaspersky® Anti-Spam - a solution that filters out the unsolicited correspondence clogging the networks of small and medium sized enterprises. Altogether, the portfolio ensures a complete defence for networks and home users, thus creating a maximally protected environment, safe from all external threats. Already, the new joint venture has a functioning business structure, including a sales department, a distribution network, technology partnerships, a marketing and communications department, as well as a technical support department. The ten current employees have already demonstrated their high professionalism: contracts have been signed to distribute Kaspersky Anti-Virus with Oracle's Miracle Linux, the largest Japanese supplier of Linux solutions that offers the use of Kaspersky Lab technologies in their products. Kaspersky Lab Japan has already achieved an agreement with Promark, Inc. (the local distributor for the Romanian anti-virus vendor GeCAD that was recently acquired by Microsoft) to convert nearly 500 RAV customers to Kaspersky Anti-Virus. A number of large Japanese companies have already been equipped with Kaspersky Lab solutions: ViVa Lourdes (Pharmaceuticals), Bonheur (Cosmetics), Sundai (Academical & Cultural Centre), Daihanjou (Entertainment), etc. A Japanese version of the corporate site is currently available (www.kaspersky.co.jp) and the localization of the product line is almost complete. "We are confident that the combination of our high-end technologies, our fourteen years of experience, and our professionalism will allow us to become a major player in the Japanese information security market within the next the three years", said Daizo Yamaoka, CEO of Kaspersky Lab Japan, "We will do everything possible to provide our clients and partners with the best possible solutions and services."